Built-Up Roofers in Akron, OH

Built- up roofing systems are an incredibly reliable waterproof membrane that is field fabricated with layers of bitumen alternated with reinforcing felts. The laying of rigid insulation boards followed by a heavy base sheet material that is topped by multiple plies of fiberglass felts, each layer being applied with a mopped coating of hot melted asphalt. Call the expert built-up roofers in Akron, OH here at Pristine Exteriors to help you with your next project!

Advantages of Built-Up Roofing

  1. Built-up roof surfacing materials can be coated with paint or other reflective materials to reduce the effects of UV radiation. These coatings provide the additional benefit of reducing heating and cooling costs.
  2. Multiple layers of bitumen provide a redundancy of protection that is very sound and durable.
  3. These systems are known for being easy to repair should the roof be damaged.
  4. Having been utilized for over 100 years, built-up roofs have a proven history of being effective and a top choice for businesses.
  5. These roofs have the ability to withstand strong foot traffic due to the durable materials used to construct built-up roofs.
Built- Up Roofers in Akron, OH

Why Choose Us?

Built–Up Roofing is one of the oldest low–slope roof systems still used on both residential and commercial roofs today. This century–old track record is unsurpassed in the roofing industry and continues to afford dependable service to homeowners and building owners alike. Pristine Exteriors are one of the few built-up roofers in Akron, OH that still installs built-up roofing. This time–tested roof system continues to be a benchmark in Pristine Exteriors arsenal of roofing systems. Our services are the most professional and the most trusted since we have 24 hour emergency repair. We provide you with honest estimates and reliable work. Our team is punctual and professional, making sure to consult with you through every step of the process. Call us today for a free, honest estimate!

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